One Wire Surveillance Microphone

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  • Product Code:RP1
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Reconik one wire surveillance kit is designed for low-profile and reliable communications. The kit features an tube earphone and slim line microphone. It has shorter cable length than our two wire surveillance kit. It is best suited for wearing under the user's clothing. It also known for its durability by re-strengthen microphone cable with additional layer of polyurethane jacket. Besides, the whole design of the earphone is to provide easy access for removal and replacement which greatly extends its field life.

Product Features

  • Hypo-allergenic acoustic tube design provides for ear-contoured comfortable fit
  • Low profile clear acoustic tube
  • Ergonomic microphone Push to Talk Switch allows for ease of use
  • Shorter cable length
Receive and transmit Yes
Push to talk In-line
Configuration Clear acoustic tube
Color Black
Number of Wires 1