Medium Duty Speaker Microphone

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  • Product Code:RSMM
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This larger, medium-duty speaker microphone is constructed with sturdy polycarbonate polymer and features a larger Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, which is ideal for glove users. It provides for extended durability and usage in more active job applications where the user may be prone to personal contact interruptions during two-way radio communications. Designed to be worn on the user's lapel, duty belt, or shoulder epaulet, the medium-duty speaker microphone can be secured by a versatile, rotatable 360 degree metal-reinforced fastening clip. Reconik's medium-duty speaker microphone features a larger, powerful built-in speaker that produces exceptional audio clarity with noise canceling. Similar to the light-duty speaker microphone, it has a high-quality condenser, which enables loud and clear audio reception in noisy environments.

Color Black
Audio jack 3.5mm